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Managed Print Services

HCL offers a well balanced and comprehensive Managed Print Services & Document Managed Services that allow organisations to manage office documents in a strategic manner while reaping benefits in form of cost savings, increased sustainability, enhanced employee efficiency and greate provisions for document security.

  • Managed Print Services

    Delivered by print specialists, HCL MPS Offering is tailored to suit need of any organisation and can incorporate the management and support of your entire print hardware environment, all print software and applications that handle output devices.

    How HCL deliver MPS Programs?

    HCL has a Flexible & customizable suite of services as per business needs of modern day organisations.

    • Assessment Services :  Full scale print environment assessment services conducted by our print experts that help an organisation gain visibility into their current print usage uncovering hidden costs associated directly & indirectly with the organisation’s print environment.
    • Fleet Management Services :  HCL can manage the fleet of various OEMs according to the desired service level agreements. We provide full asset lifecycle and fleet management services, a dedicated team to look after an organisation’s printing needs and fleet.
    • Single Window Helpdesk Services :  HCL can provide ongoing on-site support and a rapid-reaction Help Desk for users needing assistance or support.
    • Break-Fix and Consumables Management Services :  HCL can manage maintenance of all print related hardware and associated applications and also support 3rd party products. We provide extended on-site services ensuring that our clients never run out of toner, paper and other consumables.
    • Strong Project Management Services:  We deploy effective change management methodologies and processes to minimize changes in user behaviour and offer regular reporting to ensure SLAs are being achieved and to identify and address any changes in print usage and equipments.
    How HCL delivers savings?
  • Document Management Service

    HCL DMS services consist of end to end Document Management services where a professional pool of consultants understands client’s archives and requirements to chalk out a Document Management Strategy comprising of Digitization & Automation solution which consists of Digitization Services, Optimization of Image formats, Indexing and Tagging of Images, Digital Microfilming, Information Distribution and Physical Records Management.

    Benefits of HCL DMS Services
    • Save Space: Remove paper clutter from office - hence also save money. Saving space will save rental cost or same space can be utilized for more productive/revenue generating activities.
    • Save Manpower: Save on the manpower required to manage paper documents for filing, retrieving, indexing etc.
    • Consistent view across geographical locations: If business is multi-location - all locations will have access to same information.
    • Controlled Access: At office files are prone to misuse by other people hence HCL solution allows organisation to incorporate role based access thus ensuring confidentiality of relevant information.
    • Single click access to information: No need to struggle with bulky files - access all information using various keywords using the web.
    • Access information from anywhere or anytime: No need to go to office to look for particular agreement or voucher access everything online using laptop, phone, tablet or any other device.
    • Enhanced Security: Secure physical papers from threats like fire, termite, moisture, dust etc.
    • Save paper: Share electronic version and not photocopies and save on paper required to transfer information or take approvals.
    Stages of HCL DMS Program
    1. Document Preparation & Scanning

    This component prepares the documents for optimal imaging through identification of the document’s structure and intelligence, reducing costs and ensuring quality.

    Documents are imaged utilising best of class scanners supporting all document types from business cards to office documents to engineering drawings

    2. Document Conversion, Indexing & Quality Check

    Images are converted to support your viewing, storage and production requirements, enabling faster upload and download times.

    Ranging from keyword searches to full text database creation, our indexing services provide accurate and complete access to information at the time of need.

    3. Information Distribution

    Finished images are delivered in a format and medium to streamline your business processes by integrating content into your existing database, integrated with ERP systems or process workflow.

    4. Reassembly & Physical Storage

    Our Services ensure easy access to your records which are stored at our locations and can be retrieved at various stages, including box, file and document or digital copy can be retrieved as per defined SLA.

    Our Record Destruction Services ensure that documents that have exhausted their utilities and have become redundant are destroyed at the ideal time.

    HCL DMS Service Features
    • 100% Compliance to Information Security:  All services are performed either onsite or offsite as per the agreement with 100% compliance to confidentiality of information
    • Customization as per business need: Systems and projects are customised to meet your specifications. Being a Technology Leader HCL supports almost all technology platforms.
    • Timely Processing of Information: Resources are in place to guarantee timely processing regardless of season or workload peaks.
    • Dedicated Project Manager: All work is coordinated by a dedicated project manager to give customer one point of contact for all services.
    • SLA Based Service: SLA based service for Document Scanning , Document Retrieval( Physical & Digital) and Document Destruction.
    How is HCL Delivering Value to Client?