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Infrastructure Managed Services

As more and more organisations are expanding globally, it invariably means their IT environments and systems become larger and more complex to manage. CIOs are looking for new alternatives to reduce the costs of IT infrastructure. The remote delivery of IT Infrastructure Services can help solve this dilemma. Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) delivers high availability and performance of the IT. Experts and analysts estimate that at least 70% of IT support for Infrastructure Services can be performed from a remote location.

The growing trend of organizations using RIM is influenced by three major factors:

  • Continuous effort by enterprises to enhance service and performance levels and reduce cost.
  • Advancements in technology that have improved infrastructure efficiency and management.
  • Evolution in offshore capabilities.

Hence, when it comes to managing the organization's critical infrastructure, choosing the right partner is half the battle. As an IT partner, HCL offers end to end Infrastructure Managed Services (IMS), enabling enterprises achieve cost efficiency with reduced turn-around time. HCL leverages its proven IT Infrastructure Tools and Methodologies to provide solutions that are designed to meet client's business goals. With expertise in designing complex IT Infrastructure solutions from conceptualization to implementation and operational support services, HCL is uniquely poised to serve the business critical needs of enterprises.

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