Enterprise Mobility Services

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Enterprise Mobility Services

  • Mobile Consulting

    We provide consulting services to enterprises to help them define end to end Mobility Strategy and meet their enterprise goals.

    • We evaluate the existing business processes and determine how mobility can help save time & money and enhance productivity.
    • We make roadmap for Mobility applications & services by identifying the relevant use-cases to be mobilized, providing a clear ROI.
    • We help organizations choose the right approach and technology for application development.
  • Application Design & Implementation Services

    We have a team of mobile experts who can understand the client requirements in detail and build robust & secure Mobile Applications on all Mobile platforms – iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, HTML5 etc. Our team focuses on building mobile applications with rich and intuitive UI, which can be adopted and used easily by the users. We have strong experience in integrating mobile applications with major ERP, CRM or other back-end systems.

  • Managed Services

    We provide Managed Services to enterprises to manage the mobility services completely and provide support throughout the life-cycle of the mobile application and services. We help organizations realize the full potential of Mobility services by providing excellent transition and change management services. This allows the enterprise to quickly launch new services and get the desired results.

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)

    MDM (Mobile Device Management) allows the organizations to manage, secure & track all the mobile devices in the field. Our MDM offering can manage all different mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.

    • Manage – enroll, provision, configure, control mobile devices.
    • Support – diagnose and fix issues remotely in real-time over the air.
    • Secure – wipe corporate data, lock device features/apps, encryption.
    • Monitor & Track – track device movement, proactive alerts, ensure compliance.
  • Other Applications
    Form Filling (Data Capture)

    The user can fill forms or capture data on the Mobile devices and upload directly on the server in real-time. Through this application, the user can capture data in text, photos & audio/video. The application integrates with the device camera to capture scanned documents and also the customer can also do signature using the stylus.

    Features of form filling
    • Quick and hassle free data entry.
    • Bundle multimedia content with form.
    • Support for all formats.
    • Supports collection of Form based data, Photographs, Video/Audio recording, Scanned documents.
    Employee Self Help Services

    Now employees can raise request for leaves, travel, reimbursements etc from their Mobile device. Managers can approve these requests from the Mobile device. Employees can apply for leaves, travel request, reimbursements – Mobile, local travel etc. Also the manager can approve requests related to leaves, travel etc for their subordinates.

    Features of Employee Self Help Services
    • Apply for leaves.
    • Apply for travel request.
    • Apply for reimbursements – Mobile, local travel etc.
    • Approve requests related to leaves, travel etc for your subordinates.
    • View submitted/approved requests.
    • View leave balance.
    Learning Management System

    Learning management solution (LMS) manages all the data of an education institute on the tablet as well as on the servers in an encrypted form. The solution also provides Dashboards (Events & Notice Board) for various stakeholders– Student, Teacher, Principal.

    Features of Learning Management System
    • Content can be of any type –Media files [audio & video], E-books/PDFs, Flash files, word files, etc.
    • User groups can be made.
    • Student can take test and get results on tablets.
    • Assignments can be delivered.